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Zentore Premium Tea Thyme Aroma Oil

Zentore Premium Tea Thyme Aroma Oil

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Fine Aroma Oils for Homes

Once exclusive to the world’s finest hotels, our decadent aroma oils are now possible to enhance, beautify and elevate homes. The premium aroma oils are refined to provide the ideal luxury fragrance experience with pristinely sourced elegant aroma blends, and designed for home use with freshening properties as well.

About the Tea Thyme Fragrance:

Surround yourself with ethereal serenity. The tranquil elegance of prized tea leaves delicately caressing the wild groves carpeted with mossy foliage. The scent is uplifted by the refreshing vibrance of a splash of citrus. It is a sensual journey with the ambiance of a spa, infused with the calm spirit of a day spent far away painting on a mountaintop above a secret sunlit lagoon. The ceremonious grandeur of the Tea Thyme fragrance is composed from the coveted buds of the white tea blossoms, earthy oakmoss, and the upbeat lilt of the fruity mandarin. Drape your home with the luxury of a delightful, potent fragrance that resonates with leisurely calm.

The highest standards in fragrances

Abiding by the superior standards of excellence set forth by the IFRA safety standards. Delightful luxury aromas for home are infused with odor-eliminating and freshening properties to completely transform air quality in homes while providing an elevated, sensational fragrance experience. Our line of diffusers spread the rich aroma oils evocatively, evenly, and consistently throughout elegantly scented homes.

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